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I am an Engineer with experience of Web development as a trainee. I worked on frontend, backend and database. I am seeking my career as a web developer. My competencies are in PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Python. I made some projects using these skills. I am also familiar with Command line Interface and worked on Linux. I also worked as Quality engineer in Pearl Engineering Company, Delhi having experience of 1.5 years. My hobbies and qualities are, I like to play chess, football and watching movies, videos. I am a good observer and adaptable to environment.


  • Trainee

    Sep 2020 - Nov 2020

    ▪ Created a Dashboard for clients to analyze the past performance and future outcomes by using the charts such as Pie chart, bar chart, scatter diagram and images. ▪ Develop a Dashboard controller/editor which is use to create, delete, edit all the functionality of project such as adding clients with detail, creating tables, creating charts(pie charts, bar charts, scatter diagram) etc. ▪ Using PHP for backend functionality. ▪ Using CSS Grid for making layout and design. ▪ Using SQL database for storing the data. ▪ Project link-

  • Quality Engineer

    Pearl Engineering Company
    Jan 2019 - Jun 2020

    ▪ Handle inspection/supervision at final stage where manufactured goods ready to dispatch having capacity of 20-50 tonne/day. ▪ Preparing sample inspection reports, Predispatch reports, Inprocess/First part approval reports. ▪ Problem solving through 7QC Tools chart for finding out root cause analysis and taking preventive actions. ▪ Preparing CAPA for customer complaints. ▪ Having knowledge of QC techniques such as 5S, KAIZEN etc. ▪ To ensure the process in control & maintain the quality of the products manufactured.


  • Btech

    Maharishi Arvind Institute of Engineering & Technology
    Aug 2014 - Mar 2019