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An experienced, energetic and focussed business leader, that brings years of proven success in creating sustainable businesses with a blend of products and solution sales. My current focus is advising foreign investors to invest in Renewable Energy government backed & private MNC projects in India with 11 to 20 % IRR and 25 years government power purchase agreements. Providing consultancy to acquire businesses in UK & India and also helping SMEs in UK to raise funds through government backed EIS, SEIS and Future Fund support. Providing consultancy to investors on 20% ROI through structured property deals in UK residential projects in M25 and London area. Equity investments in USA, UK & India markets for HNI through premium strategies to generate 20-25 % yoy returns. I strongly believe learning is a continuous process to transform your thought process and align with the latest market trends. ISB-Kellogg’s Executive Management program gave me good learning of creating profitable business through various proven methods and consistently exceed the targets.


  • Managing Director

    Brown Earth Tech
    Oct 2020 - Feb 2021

    Brown Earth Technologies UK Ltd (BETL) is UK HQ , run by seasoned technocrat’s who have seen the evolution of technologies in the last two decades. The leadership team has tremendous experience and expertise in helping enterprises. - Providing technology consultancy on AI powered platforms and Omnichannel platforms for enterprise customers. - Advising Foreign Portfolio investors about Renewable Energy ( Wind + Solar ) projects in India ( 11 to 20% IRR , MNC and Government thru 25 years purchase power agreements ) - Providing consultancy to SME about government based UK schemes like EIS, SEIS and Future funds to raise funds. We represent world-leading technology enterprises like Hotwax Inc., USA for Omnichannel CRM technology platform and Trueminds for software developments capabilities in AI, Blockchain, Big Data and KEVIT for AI-powered chatbots & process automation. We are implementing AI-powered solutions for Shared Economy platforms ( Uber model ) across various industries, this gives us an edge over any other market players. BrownEarth applies high-quality standards to ensure smooth and transparent transactions with clients. Ultimately - our most important relationship is with our customers. We strive to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients by providing them with the most up-to-date knowledge of technology solutions available with the strong future roadmap and high-quality service.

  • Director

    May 2015 - Feb 2021

    Swissserene is a European DMC ( Destination Management Company ) specialises in designing Bespoke & Personalised holiday packages for B2B2C customers. We work extensively to design holidays to your taste with our extensive network of vendor partners who provides us bulk discounts and best inventory for Hotels , Excursions, Transport ( Entire Land Package ).

  • Director

    Capsag Consulting UK
    Feb 2014 - Feb 2021

    Capsag Consulting provides technology consulting & HR suite of services to leading enterprises. Accomplishments: • Acquisition of top 25 revenue generating clients in Cyber security, IOT, AI space for Capsag. • Structured marketing campaigns and LinkedIn client reach-out programs • Build the enterprise from scratch and grow the profitable revenue, 200% revenue growth in a timeframe of 5 years • Developed strong processes, automation, and productivity matrix for the organisation.


  • ISB - Kellogg Global Advanced Management Program 2008

    May 2008