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Professional and highly educated person with a lot of years of experience in different areas of business, specialised for hostelry, restauration and tourism. From 2016 until 2020 studied for my BA Degree in Pastoral Ministry and Family Counseling in Germany. Very experienced in writing of professional resumes. I am very passionate for Business development and for people to succeed in their visions, plans and ideas. Always open minded for new studies and for new adventures, ready to learn and to gain new skills. Together I truly believe we can accomplish a lot!


  • Warehouse Associate

    Cult Beauty/Mach Recruitment
    Jan 2021 - Till Date

  • Warehouse Picker

    Zara Warehouse/Mach Recruitment
    Dec 2020 - Jan 2021

    Working as a Picker in Zara Warehouse helped me a lot to develop my punctuality since I had daily targets I had to achieve. I was working with a PDA device that helped me to scan faster the items and to fulfill my daily tasks.

  • Recruitment Agent

    JobsPol Agency
    Jun 2020 - Jul 2020

    Working as a Recruitment Agent was very interesting period. I got the opportunity to do something I always had passion for, business and organization. I had to make contacts with a lot of people who were applying for certain jobs, make a detail overview of their CV, talk with them and make sure they were ready for that work and of course that they were satisfying the wanted qualities.

  • Cabin Crew

    Mar 2020 - Nov 2020

    After I finished my education in Budapest as a Cabin Crew, I was based in Prague in Czech Republic where I was able to apply all the knowledge obtained. Responsibility, discipline, proficiency and organization are required for this position. Teamwork is also a key in position and I had the opportunity to work with great people improving my skills in this area. Constant reviewing of the Emergency and First Aid procedures was required. It was very demanding and difficult sometimes but rewarding and worthy of investing my time.

  • Waiter

    Club V
    Nov 2019 - Dec 2019

    Working in one of the most popular clubs in Madrid for special events. Keeping the professionalism that was required and always making sure that the customer is satisfied and well attended. Serving different kind of food and baverages.

  • Chef's helper and Waiter

    European Theological Seminary
    Jun 2016 - Sep 2020

    While studying at ETS I was able to work at the same time as a Chef’s assistance in preparing food and serving as a waiter for big events. Cleaning of the kitchen and machines used after every lunch. After school semesters, a deep cleaning of the kitchen and school public areas were necessary for which I was qualified to do so. Ability for the maintenance and painting of the college building.

  • Waiter

    Restaurant Keko
    May 2016 - Jun 2016

    Working for a summer season in Croatia in one of most visited places in the country has been a braking point in my skills of patience, punctuality and speed. It taught me a lot about my timing, patience with customers and quality of my service. I had 112 seating places and serving all by myself throughout 8 – 12 hours shift. It was very stressful but still rewarding and I appreciate the knowledge I could get from that experience.

  • Co - Manager and Waiter

    Cafe Bar Kiwi
    Mar 2016 - Jul 2016

    Leading and working in one of famous pastries and café bars in Vinkovci, leading the shifts, making schedules for the waiters, ordering goods and keeping the communication with the distribution companies, following the commercial updates, managing documentation and finances for the C.E.O.

  • Co - Manager and Waiter

    Cafe Bar Marina
    Jan 2015 - Mar 2015

  • Waiter

    Hotel Admiral
    Jul 2014 - Oct 2014

    In hotel’s a la cart restaurant my experience has grown so much on a higher level, in customer service and in my communication. I worked very long shifts, many wedding with hundreds and hundreds of people, baptisms, funerals and other celebrations.

  • Waiter

    Restaurant Plavo Bijeli
    Mar 2010 - Jan 2013

    Working 3 years as a waiter in this a la cart restaurant taught me so much about hospitality, business, finances and management. I had the opportunity to work with great people who taught me a lot, but I also had the opportunity to lead shifts by myself, serve a lot of people under my supervision, be in charge of significant amount of money after every shift and making sure the restaurant is open on time and closed on time.


  • Cabin Crew Diploma

    Jan 2020 - Mar 2020

  • BA

    European Theological Seminary
    Jul 2016 - Sep 2020

  • Higher National Diploma

    Hotel - Touristic Technician
    Jan 2015 - Dec 2015

  • Higher National Diploma

    Srednja Strukovna Skola Silvija Strahimira Kranjcevica
    Mar 2010 - Jul 2013