Wipro Limited Job Interview Questions

Wipro Limited is an information technology giant based in India. The company takes pride in its services to clients from all across the globe, which is why the HR representatives and the hiring committee need to be competent enough to ask the most deliberating questions from potential employees.

Recruitment Process at Wipro Limited

Before we get to the Wipro Limited job interview questions, it is important to understand that each person who applies to the company will have already completed a written aptitude test where their logical reasoning is put to the test. After passing this initial test, the candidates are called in for a face-to-face interview where their technical expertise is tested.

Interview Questions to Ask

Being in the hiring committee at a large organization such as Wipro can be stressful, especially since you are responsible for shortlisting the perfect candidate for the job. Here is a list of Wipro Limited job interview questions to include in every interview that you conduct:

1. Tell us about the differences between StringBuffer and StringBuilder in Java?

Since Java is the most common programming language amongst a few others, it is important to test the candidate's technical expertise regarding Java. While anybody would be able to provide answers to basic questions, it is necessary to include such complicated Wipro Limited job interview questions to evaluate the candidate's understanding.

2. How can you strengthen user authentication?

Being an information technology company, Wipro Limited needs to focus on providing cyber protection to all of its clients. Asking this in the Wipro Limited job interview questions is necessary to understand whether the candidate has adequate language regarding user protection, hacking, and cyber threats.

3. What is your experience with C++?

Working in this company requires a basic knowledge of C++, so it is important to include it in the Wipro Limited job interview questions. The answer to this question will help you determine whether the candidate's skill level is similar to or above those currently working at Wipro Limited.

4. Tell us why you want to work at Wipro Limited.

This is a common HR question that helps you assess the candidate’s knowledge regarding the organization.

5. What are your salary expectations?

While Wipro Limited is a large organization that promises significant pay levels to employees, it is important to include this in the Wipro Limited job interview questions to ensure that the salary expectations are clear beforehand. This allows the HR department to draw up the employment papers quickly and more efficiently.

6. Would you be comfortable relocating?

While Wipro Limited has its headquarters in India, it runs operations through many locations across the world. Potential candidates should be asked this as part of the Wipro Limited job interview questions in order to determine whether their personal circumstances allow them to relocate if need be.

By asking all of these Wipro Limited job interview questions in a comprehensive manner, one can easily determine the behavioural and technical aspects of a candidate. Don't forget to read another list of interview questions and answers prepared by industry experts.