What Are The Questions Sundar Pichai Might Ask If You Are Applying For A Job In Google?

Google is a renowned company that almost every person knows about. So, it is normal for you to want to work there. There is another thing that you should know about Google; it asks very technical questions in its interviews. So, if Sundar Pichai were to interview you, you’d have to answer many difficult questions. Here, we will talk about some of Google job interview questions. It will help you understand and prepare better for your interview with Google. 

What Do You Know About Google?

One thing is for sure; you should know all about the company you’re applying for. There are various departments within Google, so you will need to have adequate information about the one you’re applying to. More than that, you need to know about the recent event revolving around Google. So, when Sundar Pichai asks you what you know about Google, then you would have all the relevant details to move forward with the interview. 

What Would You Do If You Didn’t Have To Work?

Now, it may seem like this is a simple question. But, you need to know that every problem has an alternate meaning. This question might represent how you would like to live your life without having to work. This is where you can talk about something you’re passionate about. If that passion has something similar to do with the job you’re applying for, then that makes things perfect. 

What Is Something That People Remember You With

You need to assess how people view you and remember you with. People usually have a habit of remembering people distinctly, such as the guy with a sense of humour, the one who is exceptionally work-focused, and similar other descriptions. You should assess how other people think of you. If you’re hardworking and efficient, then people will remember you with that. Tell them honestly about how you’re remembered and what you would do to change that, and be remembered differently. 

How Would You Fit With Google’s Culture?

Sometimes, large organizations test you when it comes to their culture. They want to know if you’re a good fit for their culture or not. Here, you want to mould your answer in a way that showcases how you are the perfect fit for their culture. Take out examples from your life that help in adding to your response. 

How Would You Explain Cloud Computing To A Child?

Here comes a more technical question that you might have to answer. Like we said, Google job interview questions can get a bit tricky. So, you want to ensure that you practice enough if you wish to ace them. In this question, you need to know the concept in the best way possible to help a child. Using elementary language, you need to help the imaginary child understand the concept. 

As you go about practising for your Google job interview, make sure to pay attention to the technicalities. There is no surety that you’ll be asked these questions, but you want to make sure you practice them. Prepare yourself for all the possible Job Interview Questions and stay confident.