What Are Good Weaknesses For A Job Interview – How To Present Them

When interviewers ask you for your weaknesses, they are not looking for insincere answers. They want you to be honest with them, so they know whether you are a good fit. It all comes down to how you present the weaknesses.

So, what are good weaknesses for a job interview? Here are the top 5 and what they achieve.

Good Weakness #1: Lack of Patience During Teamwork

While patience is a virtue, that is not always the case. Sometimes we don’t have it, and that is okay. This is a good weakness because it doesn’t hinder your capabilities of working well in your position.

It just means that you don't rely on other members of the team to succeed. Instead, you make your own way and rely only on yourself. While stating this weakness, you should show how eager you are to work on it and overcome this weakness.

Good Weakness #2: Disorganisation

Not everyone at work has a neat and orderly desk. Many employees have messy desks, but it doesn't hinder their ability to work well in their role. Acknowledging this disorganisation will help you appear honest in front of the interviewers.

Do mention the steps you have taken to improve your organisation skills. Remind them that you are constantly improving and aware of your weakness. Doing so suggests you are self-aware and mature.

Good Weakness #3: Too Blunt With Feedback

Being too blunt can be a weakness or strength depending on the situation you are in. That is why you should begin by emphasising how your blunt nature has allowed you to be successful in man work-related situations. It would help if you also mentioned how it makes you seem less empathetic in some situations.

After that, you should also mention how you have attempted to solve this weakness. It will show you have a healthy level of emotional intelligence as you are aware of how people might perceive you.

Good Weakness #4: Analyzing Data

Not everyone is good with numbers and data. Even if your job description doesn't require you to analyse data, you should talk about this weakness. After that, you should also emphasise how you want to learn new skills that could aid the organisation's success.

Such a reflection of your weakness will show the company that you value them first. It will also show that you are dedicated and eager to learn. You should also talk about how you will try to understand the entire department's needs, apart from just your role.

Final Words

We hope that answered your question of what are good weaknesses for a job interview. These are the top four good weaknesses that you can utilize in your interview. Practice talking about these before your interview so you can grasp the tone and language of what you will say. Once you use these correctly, your interviewer will be impressed and will consider you as a serious candidate for the job.

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