What Are Common Interview Questions? Read Between The Lines

Interviews can be quite challenging when you think about it. So, why not prepare yourself beforehand with the right questions? Going over common interview questions will help you out in many ways. Let's take a look at some common questions that you work on. 

Tell Me About Yourself

First thing's first, the interview is bound to ask you to tell them about yourself. This is a way for them to understand your background. So, go on to say to them about your current work and things you do that will help accentuate why you're fit for the role. 

Why Do You Wish To Work Here?

Learn about the company and the culture there. Answer this question while keeping their beliefs in mind. You want to sell yourself as the ideal fit in the company, and not someone who just applied for the heck of it. 

What Makes You Difference?

This is a common interview question asked everywhere. Focus on the interviewer's side and explain to them why hiring you would be the ideal solution for them. Put in your experience to help them understand this better. 

Why Are You Interested In This Role?

Another common question relates to your interest. Why do you think you need this role? Do you have examples that will help them understand how you're the ideal fit for this position? You will need to understand everything about the role in question. Only then will you be able to explain better as to why you're the ideal fit for this role and why it piques your interest. 

Tell Me What You're Passionate About

When interviewers ask you questions, they hope to get answers that will help them judge your personality better. So, when they ask you about your passions, they want to know what drives you. Doing this allows them to ascertain the things that move you, and whether it makes you the perfect fit. 

Is There A Reason You're Leaving Your Current Job?

Now, if you're leaving a current job to go for this one, then your interviewers will undoubtedly ask why. This is not an invite for you to badmouth your previous employer. Instead, this is where you offer them a thoughtful answer. Try to work along the lines of what you wish to achieve and how the role being offered is more in-line with your goals. 

Tell Me About Your Strengths And Weaknesses

Almost every time you head in for an interview, your interviewers will ask you this question. Here is where you can make things work in your favour entirely. When talking about weaknesses, focus on things that you're aware you lack. Then, explain how you're taking steps to overcome these weaknesses in the best way possible. When it comes to strengths, talk about the skills you have to offer, especially those that work best for this role.  You will have to practice these common interview questions beforehand so that you can perfect them. Once you do this, you can focus more on answering the other problems. To be well prepared, look through another list of 10 interview questions and answers.