What Are Behavioural Interview Questions? How To Answer Them

When going for an interview, it is common to face a variety of questions. Long gone are those days where interview questions were only about telling them about yourself. Now, there is more focus on the behavioural aspects of an individual as well. So, there are a plethora of behavioural interview questions asked in the process. 

What Are Behavioural Questions?

Behavioural interview questions are mainly there to help ascertain what kind of reaction the interviewee has understood how you might behave in different situations. It is quite common for employees to want to know this, and there is no better way than figuring this out during the interview. 

Common Behavioural Questions That You Will Hear

When it comes to behavioural interview questions, you need to know that they come in all variations. Here, we have come up with the top five behavioural interview questions and answers to help you understand how to go about them. 

Talk About A Situation Where You Have Worked Under Pressure

The first one is explaining to the interviewer whether you have been under work pressure before, and how you have handled it. This is the best time to shine. Give them a fool proof example of when you worked under extreme amounts of pressure, and how you overcame it. The interviewer would like to know how well you work under pressure, so make sure you have an example ready to answer this. 

How Do You Handle Challenges?

Next, they might ask you to tell them about how you handle challenges. The trick here is to say to them about a particular challenge in your past work experience and how you created a strategy to handle it. The interviewer wants to know how your mind works and what steps you take to overcome work challenges. 

How Do You Manage Your Mistakes?

You interviewer knows that everyone is bound to make mistakes. So, don’t try to sound too perfect; nobody is. Explain to them how you make mistakes, along with how you work on them. Acknowledging your mistakes and showcasing your attitude of working towards improving the situations proves you’re responsible. 

How Do You Set Goals And Reach Them?

Another question you will find extremely common relates to your goals. Your interviewer wants to know how you go about setting your goals. It shows them the energy and thought you put into when planning goals. The next part of the question helps them determine how focused you are into achieving them. So, try to explain the entire process to them. 

Have You Ever Made A Difficult Managerial Decision?

Lastly, there are situations where you’re required to make decisions that aren’t favourable to the majority. If you’ve been in such a situation before, it is best to give the right example to help your interviewer know that you can handle this. 

You should make sure to prepare for these behavioural interview questions as they can make or break your interview. Learn how to answer them in the best way possible to help your interviewer understand that you’re suitable for the role. Don't forget to read another list of interview questions and answers prepared by industry experts.