Tech Mahindra Job Interview Questions

Tech Mahindra is one of the major IT and software development firms in India. With operations running all across the globe, Tech Mahindra is an organization that hires professionals in software development.

Each job opening at Tech Mahindra receives a large number of applications from candidates who would be interested in making their career at this organization. The HR department should be very selective during the recruitment process in order to hire the most competent and suitable candidate for the organization.

The Written Test

Like other software development companies, the recruitment process at Tech Mahindra begins with a written aptitude test designed to test all of the candidate's basic knowledge. Once an applicant passes the written test, they proceed to the next stage, the job interview.

Conducting a Job Interview for Tech Mahindra

Conducting job interviews can be difficult. Many HR representatives are unsure of what questions to ask, especially since they are not directly involved in the company's technical work.

To ensure that they select the right candidate, the interviewers need to test the candidates on a wide range of subject knowledge. This includes DBMS, the OOPS concepts, data structures and algorithms, basic programming languages, and different operating systems.

If you are interviewing a candidate for a specific branch of computer programming, it would be helpful to include specific and technical questions that test the foundational understanding and the candidate's practical knowledge. Depending upon what the candidate has listed on their resume, you should ask questions related to their field of study and expertise.

To make the interview process easier, here are a few Tech Mahindra job interview questions to ask every candidate who walks in.

1. What are the differences between Java and C++?

Since the company uses both of these programming languages, it is important to include them in the Tech Mahindra job interview questions list. By starting with a basic question, you can use the candidate's answer further to test their knowledge regarding one specific programming language.

2. What is the operating system?

If a candidate wants to work with actual programming in Tech Mahindra, it is essential for them to be aware of various operating systems and how to use them.

3. What does 3NF refer to in DBMS?

As the interview progresses, it is important to include technical questions such as this as part of the Tech Mahindra job interview questions. This allows you to test the candidate's technical knowledge and determine whether or not they are knowledgeable enough to answer confidently.

4. What is a pointer?

If a candidate wants to work at Tech Mahindra, they must know how to explain basic concepts in simple words. This is a key part of the Tech Mahindra job interview questions.

The HR Round After asking a range of technical questions, the interviewee can move on to HR-related questions such as asking the candidate about their hobbies and interests, their experience relating to software development, their most recent project, and why they are interested in working at Tech Mahindra.

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