Mphasis Job Interview Questions

Mphasis is one of the leading IT development, services, and consultation organization based in Bengaluru. For people who wish to work in the technological industry and expand their career in the industry of computer sciences, a job at Mphasis sounds like the perfect opportunity.

Since a large pool of individuals tends to apply to Mphasis every year, the HR representatives are responsible for conducting systematic interviews that allow them to hire the company's best candidates.

Qualities to Look For

As part of the hiring committee at Mphasis, your job goes beyond the basic Mphasis job interview questions list. When looking for a candidate to work at Mphasis, you should be looking for the following competencies:

  • Drive and passion for technology.
  • Logical reasoning skills.
  • Passion about learning and developing their skillset.
  • Problem-solving skills.

Recruitment Process at Mphasis

The hiring procedure at Mphasis is done in two parts: the online exam and the interview. The exam tends to include sections such as aptitude, verbal, logic, and programming. After passing the initial test, candidates move on to the technical and HR interview to be selected to be an employee at Mphasis.

Conducting the Interview

Once you receive a list of applicants who will appear for the face-to-face interview, it can be difficult for HR representatives to determine what questions they should be asking. This is mainly because HR is not related to the company's operations – hence they are unsure regarding the practical operations and skills that would be essential for the job.

To make the interview process easier, here is a list of Mphasis job interview questions that you should ask each candidate:

1. What do you know about process management?

By starting the interview with a basic question, you can test the foundational knowledge of the candidate regarding IT solutions.

2. Highlight the differences between structure and union.

Including such technical questions as part of the Mphasis job interview questions is essential since it tests the specific technical knowledge that an employee should possess.

3. Explain the OSI Model.

By asking for brief explanations as part of the Mphasis job interview questions, you will be able to determine whether the candidate is competent enough to answer such technical questions in a simple manner. This is important since it helps you determine whether their knowledge is only textbook-based or extends to practical applications as well.

4. Write a logic code for one of the projects that you have listed on your resume.

To test whether the candidate has been honest on their resume, it is important to include practical questions as part of the Mphasis job interview questions. Working at Mphasis not only means being knowledgeable, but it also requires the candidate to apply this knowledge practically and learn from their past projects.

5. Write a program for multiple inheritances.

By asking the candidate to write for multiple inheritances as part of the Mphasis job interview questions, you test their ability to apply knowledge of various programming languages. Java, for instance, cannot be used to write this program.

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