Mock Interview Questions and Answers

What is the most difficult phase during job hunting? THE INTERVIEW. People get nervous or stressed out, just thinking about the interview process. The interview is nothing but just a test, and if you are prepared well enough, you can easily ace it without getting nervous. 

The main concern faced by many candidates is how to prepare for an interview. This stress makes the candidate floundering during the interview process. The most important part is to research about the company/industry and the position you have applied for. Then rehearse your question and answer according to that. 

These are the five general mock interview questions, and answers asked during the interviewing phase. 

Q1. Why are you willing to work with our company/industry?

Ans: This is the most common question asked by the candidates to check their motives to work with them. You can answer this question by telling the interviewers how you find the organisation's culture very amazing and how the growth opportunities offered here are so attractive. 

Q2. Why do you think we should consider you over other candidates?

Ans: This question is generally asked in every interview to check your convincing power so that interviewer can pick you over other qualified candidates. Tell your strengths and your unique selling point to convince the interviewer like "I can easily cope with the pressure, I do not get stressed out and can think about the ways to deal with the pressure". 

Q3. What are your shortcomings? 

Ans: Always tell your true weaknesses to the interviewer because everyone has one, and they want to know about it. You can answer the question by saying "I am not a confident person; I sometimes lack confidence. In front of a crowd, but I'm dealing with it". 

Q4. What are the things that work as your strengths? 

Ans: This question sometimes makes a candidate undersell their accomplishments, but they shouldn't be doing it because they are there to impress the interviewers. Tell them proudly about every accomplishment you have ever achieved. 

Q5. Why did you leave your previous job? What was the reason?

Ans: This is a tricky question in almost every interview, but you should always be professional and avoid talking anything bad about the previous company. You can answer this question like "It was a great company, and I had a great experience over there, but I wanted to showcase my skills and talents to another company."  If you want to ace your interview and want to give your 100%, you need to do a lot of practice. You can also arrange in-person mock questions and answers session where someone can be your interviewer. Always remember that you need to give professional and true answers to the interviewer because fake answers can get you in trouble if they hire you. Do not say something bad about your previous company because that makes an interviewer think of how unprofessional he/she is.  

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