Infosys Job Interview Questions

Infosys is a software development and information technology company based in India. Since the company works in various domains such as insurance, finance, and even manufacturing, both the interviewer and the interviewee must be adequately prepared for the job. Typically, interviewers at Infosys and other software development firms tend to be friendly to get a good outlook of the person being interviewed.

Hiring people to work at Infosys can be a complicated task. The HR personnel is responsible for shortlisting and selecting the best candidate. It needs to plan their interviews to allow the panel of interviewers to understand the candidate and determine whether or not they are suitable for the specific job they have applied for.

Most Common Interview Questions

For companies like Infosys, job interview questions tend to range from technical to personal. The main purpose of an interview is to judge the personality and behavioural aspects of the interviewee and their technical understanding of the job. Problem-solving and logical reasoning are two critical factors to look out for whilst interviewing candidates for Infosys actively.

To begin the interview, you can start with some of the most basic questions in most interviews. These include:

1. How are you doing today?

2. Tell us about yourself, your most recent projects, and experience.

3. How do you place yourself in a work environment such as that of Infosys?

4. Which programming language do you prefer?

The interviewee is likely to respond to each of these questions systematically as they come prepared. While you can focus on the interviewee's language of preference, it is equally important to evaluate their knowledge regarding all of the programming languages listed on their resume and the job description for the role.

Job Specific Interview Questions

Infosys job interview questions should revolve around software development. This will allow you to judge the candidate's skill level and expertise and determine whether or not their skills would be an asset for the company.

Some important software development questions to ask during the Infosys job interview are as follows:

Question #1: What is SLDC?

Beginning with the basics, the answer to this question will allow you to determine whether the candidate has concrete language regarding their area of expertise. SLDC or the Software Development Life Cycle refers to the entire project development process, beginning from listing down the requirements in stage 1 and concluding at the final maintenance and support stage for the program. When asking this question, you should focus on whether the candidate lists all of the required stages of SDLC.

Question #2: What do you know about the waterfall model?

Since anybody being hired to work at Infosys needs to be an experienced candidate, familiarity with the waterfall model (or breaking down the software development project into various stages) is an important part of the Infosys job interview questions. 

Question #3: Highlight the main differences between C and C++

The answer to this question may depend on the initial preference of programming language stated by the candidate. Still, some basic knowledge regarding C and C++ is a requirement of the Infosys job interview questions.

Apart from these top three questions, here is a list of other questions that should be a significant part of your Infosys job interview questions list.

  • What are the differences between C++ and Java? Which one do you prefer for your projects?
  • Can you tell us about the OOPS concept and its implementation in C++?
  • Differentiate between Structs and Classes.
  • What are virtual functions?
  • According to you, what is the most difficult part about completing a project?
  • Have you ever faced difficulty whilst working in a team project?

All of these technical and HR questions will allow you to determine whether the interviewee is competent enough to work at Infosys. Remember always to ask follow-up questions related to the answers provided by the candidate. Starting a conversation as part of the interview can be a helpful method to know the candidate personally before offering them the job at Infosys.