Hexaware Technologies Ltd

Hexaware Technologies Ltd is renowned for its presence in the IT, consultancy, and BPO service sectors. To meet its quality, there is an ever-growing need to hire the best talent out there. The business focuses on working with people who are driven to innovate and work with others. To get similar-minded individuals on board, you must ask the right questions. Let’s look at a few Hexaware Technologies Ltd job interview questions that you should be asking the candidates during the recruitment process. Keep in mind that these will be a mix of behavioural, situational, and technical questions. 

Tell Me About Yourself

One essential question that you will need to ask your candidates is about themselves. This helps you determine how they view themselves, their background, and how effective they are for this role. In this question, you get to understand what the skill set of the person is. Hence, you get to figure out whether or not they will go well with the culture that prevails in your business. Since you’re more likely to work on collaborations and innovation, you would want people with similar mindsets.

Why Do You Think You’re Eligible For This Role?

Next, you would ask them to tell you why they think they’re fit for this role. Open the floor to give you distinct and strong reasons why they make the perfect cut for the role. Here, you assess their skills further since you know more examples of how they fit into this role. Give them situations that they have to assess in the questions after this to help determine their problem-solving skills. 

Why Should We Hire You?

Asking them why you should hire them is essential to help understand what they think unique about themselves. It will help get a more detailed answer about their skillsets and what value addition they have to offer your business. At Hexaware, you want to ensure that you hire competent people. For this reason, asking them the unique qualities that set them apart from others is important. 

What Do You Know About Hexaware?

Many times, you will find that candidates apply to jobs for the sake of getting a job. When you ask them how they got to know about the company, you also know their interest in your business. Was it through your official LinkedIn account, or was it through a random job search? Are they following you since a while to work with you? The more interested they seem, the more they will be passionate about working with your business. 

Explain Strategies Adopted To Attain Project Goals 

Everyone has goals that they wish to attain, but not everyone can plan the right strategies. Ask the candidate to talk about the strategies that they might follow to attain specific project goals for the business. This will help determine their thought process and how they might fit for the job role.  You will have to take a detailed interview to hire the best recruits for your business. Since Hexaware is mainly IT-based, you want to ensure to recruit individuals with a more innovation-based mindset.