HCL Technologies Job Interview Questions

HCL Technologies is one of the top tech giants of India. Since the company is highly selective in its recruitment process, the interviewer needs to ask direct technical questions that can assess the candidate's skill level.

Stages of the HCL Technologies Recruitment Process

Like any other large organization, HCL Technologies takes pride in all of its employees. The job of the HR department is to conduct interviews in three main stages:

1. Shortlisting Candidates
2. Telephonic Interview
3. Face-to-face Interview

Each of these stages is equally important, as it is the HR department's responsibility to find a competent and suitable candidate for the job at HCL Technologies.

While conducting the telephonic interview, one can ask questions related to the basic skills listed on the candidate's resume. This includes 'What do you know about HTML?' or 'Could you give us a brief description of SQL and DMBS?'

Interview Questions to Ask

HCL Technologies job interview questions should be diverse enough to truly evaluate whether the candidate is suitable for a job at HCL. Since HCL only hires experienced and professional candidates, the telephonic interview can help you call only those candidates who performed well.

The HCL Technologies job interview questions can be broken down into three main parts: technical round, HR round, and a client interview round if you are hiring somebody for a specific project.

For each HCL Technologies job interview, you should expect the candidate to be on-time, smartly dressed, professional, and look presentable. These are key aspects that every HR personnel should look out for.

Since HCL Technologies is a specialized firm, the HCL Technologies job interview questions need to include all technical knowledge tests that the job would require.

Here is a list of HCL Technologies job interview questions to ask:

1. Describe the basic OOPS concept.

By starting with a basic question, you can easily test the candidate's foundational understanding regarding software development. This question allows you to build a base for further questions.

2. Name a few programming languages that can be used with the OOPS concept.

Consider this a follow-up question to the previous one, especially since it only requires a basic answer of listing languages such as C, C++, Java, or Python. Depending upon the interviewee's answers, you can further ask them specific questions about the programming languages they name.

3. Is it possible to achieve multiple inheritance using Java?

If the candidate listed Java as an answer to the previous question, this would be a great HCL Technologies job interview question to determine whether the candidate actually knows the language. The answer you are looking for is that multiple inheritance is not possible using Java, but it can be done using other programming languages. In terms of Java, one can only implement a large number of interfaces depending upon the project.

4. Have you worked with different operating systems in the past? Which was the easiest to work with and which was the most difficult? Why?

This question allows you to dig deeper regarding the experience that the candidate holds.

After a round of technical questions, you can move further to the HR round, consisting of some basic questions relating to strengths and weaknesses, willingness to work at HCL Technologies, and salary expectations.

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